Can't upgrade to CMS only Business

So I know they have a limit on the amount of CMS elements and the list goes on but I am trying to find out why I can’t upgrade to the CMS plan.

I am a designer with 4 projects in CMS, 23/60 fields are taken in each project which is under 2000. Is it the number of fields I have?

I really don’t want to pay for the business plan when I am just a young freelance designer trying to showcase a small number of projects. It seems a bit crazy to spend close to $500 a year. Could someone please give me some ideas why this is blocked from upgrading to CMS from basic? I have attached some screenshots.

You may need to contact webflow support, since they can see the details directly. I think these things would push you out of the CMS plan tier;

  • more than 2k cms items
  • more than 20 collections in the cms
  • more than 30 fields in any collection
  • more than 5 ref fields in any collection
  • use of the file upload control on any form
  • more than 10k members

I appreciate the quick response, I did open a ticket yesterday. I just wanted to try here too, I bet you it’s because of it of the fields. Back to the drawing board to see if I can consolidate them more.

Yup, it was the fields! 30 fields aren’t very much in the grand scheme of a case study but I made it happen. :sweat_smile:

Glad you found it! It would be nice if the UI had a stats pane that shows all of your plan quotas and where you’re at on them.

Especially, those plan-based limits keep coming. ECommerce, Memberships, Logic…

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