Ability to allow forms to be submitted as CMS Collection Items

Crazy enough this isn’t possible yet. This would be great for commenting or content creating websites. You would literally be able to recreate YouTube if you wanted too. View the link to see more!

Vote here: https://wishlist.webflow.com/ideas/WEBFLOW-I-2709

Can’t this be accomplished with Zapier?

Ya but if Webflow created it, it would be without code :smiley: Thus sticking to the whole “no code” theme

Using Zapier is still using no code. And @FilipSipos is correct, using Zapier will accomplish this. You can do it today. What’s awesome about Webflow is they integrate with other no code platforms (e.g. Zapier) to extend Webflows functionality beyond what it can do today.

I provided a link to the walk through of doing exactly this found here: