Profiles/CMS Collections

I am trying to make a site where users can “sell themselves”. Similar to Fiverr I guess. A) User need to be able to create profiles and B) Users profiles need to be posted on the products page. I assume that this would need to allow users to add to a CMS collection but I am not sure how to do either of those. I am pretty new to Webflow so try and make it as dumbed down as possible.

I do not really have a website link to share with you guys as I have nothing to show. Not sure if there’s a way to do this.

Hey, welcome to Webflow! Not my area of expertise but you may need to investigate a platform like Zapier that could turn a form submission into a CMS item.

Someone out there will be able to give a great explanation or point you in a more specific direction, but Zapier may be a good start. Good luck!