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Clone project and add custom code to clone, what plan?

Some advice please.
I have a customer who has a large website and other designer looking after it.
I have been asked for performance improvements.

The customer has a Business site plan and a free account plan.
I would like to clone the live site (preferable multiple times) and experiment with that.
Normally the accounts they have would be fine but I know I can’t embed or add any code to that which I need to a non domain tied project.

I only want to publish the edited clone to a (test).
So my question is, what account type do I need to clone a project and be able to add code to it?


Hi there,

I suggest you upgrade to a Lite or Pro plan to export your code. You can clone your projects with every plan too.

Hi @iDATUS if I understand correctly you need to ask designer who has access to this account to create duplicate (copy) of website and transfer it to your Webflow account (on WF account email) Once you have copy on your account you can unhook it from custom domain and just publish site on webflow dot io. To be able to add custom code you need any account but free.

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@Stan That is an option but the plan is I have access to their account and use the designer on their account to edit the clone.
This leaves the live site designer free for their live published account team to work on.
I don’t want to export code (html, css and so on), I want to add code to a test system if you like.
I think the lite plan will do it.

hi @iDATUS in this case they should create an website clone and invite you as collaborator to this cloned site. but of course they have to update at least to lite plan so you will be able add custom code.

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