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Webflow plans/upgrade - a bit confused!

Hi all :slight_smile:

I’m a bit confused with the different plans offered by Webflow, maybe you guys can help me with that:
Some months ago I’ve purchased the CMS Plan and started to work on a project believing once done I would be able to transfer it to my client’s account, just to realize that, that plan would not allow me to make the transfer. I kept getting this message (see print screen) that only left me more confused, since I have a paid account… now I’m about to publish another site and would like to upgrade my plan so I can actually be able to transfer it. But right now I’m hesitant of again buying the wrong option… would be great if someone could help me to better understand the different plans/accounts?

Appreciate all your help! :pray:

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@otherportfolio ah, yes, the good old account vs. site plans. I do wish webflow would change the name of the account plan to say ‘subscription’ or anything less confusing for people :slight_smile: . You need a paid account plan to move a website. You can’t do transfers on a free account plan. Account plans are separate from site plans. You’ve got your account, that can be free or paid, and you’ve also got a site plan for each of the websites in your account. So you need a lite or pro plan to be able to export code or transfer to another webflow account. Regardless of your current site plan.


Wanted to add to Sarah’s explanations in case it was still a bit confusing.

Account plan is you paying for the tool that is Webflow.

Site plan is hosting that allows site that you have created with your account plan to go live and have this or that feature (like cms or e-commerce).

And you need non-free account plan to do some things like site transfer.

My advice - don’t purchase hosting until you have finished designing, otherwise your hosting money are wasted since technically the site is not live yet.

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I think I get it now! :slight_smile:
I that case what I need now is to purchase an account, so I can transfer the site to my client’s hosting account I guess.

Thank you guys for the helpful explanation!

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