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I'm building a website for a friend in Webflow - can I start with the free plan and upgrade as I go?

I’m helping a friend launch a personal website with Webflow. Here are the facts of my situation.

  • The client will be the only editor for the website after I design it for him
  • The client will host the website on his own individual Webflow account - I will not be hosting it and will not have access to it once it is in his hands.
  • The client needs a simple website to start - nothing complex, no ecommerce, and possibly no CMS (at least for now).
  1. Can I use my “starter” account plan to design the website for my client and send it over to him so he may host it on his own “starter” account?

  2. My client only needs to host one website - so can he use the “Basic” or “CMS” hosting plan with the “Starter” account plan? Or does he also need to have a paid account plan in order to host a website?

Thank you.

  1. I don’t think you can use starter account plan to build an entire website and send it over to your friend. Free account is limit to two pages as you might expected from the free. Why don’t your friend use the paid plan if he decided to have a website. The starter account plan also won’t let you transfer the project.
  2. If it’s possibly no CMS then you should use the basic account but if he planning over 100 pages, CMS will do.
    The Starter account plan isn’t right to host the website. He has to use site plan either basic or CMS.

Ok I think I get it now.

I actually forgot about the 2 page limit, and I didn’t see the “project transfers” line item. So does that mean someone who wants to host a Webflow website needs to pay for both an account plan and a hosting plan? It seems like the Account Plans are for designers who use Webflow and the Site Plans are for the clients to pay for their hosting.

You really don’t need to pay on both account and site plan. Here is what you should do. Your friend should pay for either Basic or CMS then he can add you as a team or give you access to his account after the work done, remove you.

If you’re a freelancer, the account plan is for you. You can build an entire website, create and send invoice, export code and transfer it to your clients.

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Thank you, Jen - that makes sense. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t need to buy more services than I need. This makes sense to me now - thank you so much!

Can you please explain more on how you transfer your website designs to your clients? I have a lite account plan. Thank you!

Hi, I do not get it is it wordpress? Based on the article I just read. It’s not really possible to start with a free plan and then upgrade as you go. I don’t think you can use a starter account plan to build an entire website and send it over to your friend, because a free account has a limit. Your friend can add you as a team after he pays for the Basic or CMS. You can read more about this just by accessing this link Hope I helped!

I think so, but I never used it as it is written in PHP language.