Transferring and billing


I and currently working on finishing up a site with a client and I am a little confused on how transferring the site and billing the client. If I transfer the site how would I set up the billing for the client?

I’ve done it two ways. You can have the client set up their our Webflow plan (they set up their own billing) and then you transfer the site to them.

Or you can set up client billing within your account. Then, there’s no transferring of the site. You keep it in your account.

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Understood, thankyou!

And for future reference (which I know will be heavily based on the client) when would you recommend actually transferring a website to the client or using client billing? Maybe give an example or scenario?

The reasons are on a per-client basis. It’s rare but the job may be a one-off project where I don’t care to continue working with the client in the future. This way, I’ve broken all ties with them and given them full control of the site and billing. Or sometimes I may need to get a site launched quickly and I don’t want to go through the hassle of waiting for them to set up their own account.

I’m always up front with people about how it can be set up. Some prefer full control and are proficient in computer design fundamentals.

Most of my projects use exported code to be integrated by backend developers who specialize in Wordpress, Drupal, Expression Engine, Shopify, etc. So I rarely monetize Webflow hosted sites.