The best way to share the website with client

Hi guys! I recently started to work on a freelance basis, finding my clients via freelance websites like Upwork. And I stuck with the question of clients access to their websites. Webflow currently doesn’t support client billing in my country and I’m not very happy with the idea of paying for the hosting of my client’s website from my own pocket (i don’t like the idea of paying for the stranger in general haha).
So I guess the only way would be to ask the clients to create their own account and then ask for the credentials and develop the website inside their account. But there’s trust issue: what if the client simply refuse to pay me? Please, share the best practices how do you manage to work with clients in situations similar to mine?

Many thanks!

Build site on your account. Have client create an account. Once paid by client, transfer site to their account. They can then set up hosting for that account.

But what if the site is more than 2 pages?

Sign up for a lite account plan. That way you can create projects with up to 100 pages and 50 CMS items.

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Wow, thanks a lot. I’m actually on the light plan and I didn’t realise it has this feature.
Many, many thanks!