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Restricting admin access to individual sites

Is there a way to allow users to access the dashboard, but not all of the sites? Or allow a user direct access to the Designer workspace for only one site?

I have a client that wants to take control of one of my sites, but I don’t want them to have access to the other sites through the dashboard. What are my options?

Hi @pminnelli

You can get your client to create their own Webflow account, and transfer the site to them if you’re on a professional plan, or you can add them as a team member if you’re on a team plan.

I’ve made a copy of a site and transferred the copy over to someone before, who has made changes for me, then transferred it back, then I just copy and paste the changes over from the copy to my original.
(That may have made more sense in my head!)

Hope that helps?

So in other words, no, they can’t have restricted access within my account, right? They have to create a new Webflow account. What kind of plan will they have to get? Do they have to purchase a new hosting plan or can the hosting ‘credit’ transfer as well? It’s paid for through December.