Using Designer on a shared project without transferring

Hi, thanks for the help!

I’m wondering if you can advise me about if something is possible and if so, which workspace and site plans I need.

I currently have a website ( which was designed and built by a Webflow designer/developer that I hired. My developer is currently managing the hosting and design through their Webflow account and I make client edits through the Editor/CMS they created for me.

What I would like to do is to be able to use the Designer to ideate some adjustments to my current site in a “copy” site as a way to present my ideas for site updates to share with my developer, without affecting the live site.

My developer will share the project with me-- I know that there are various options – transferring the site, sharing a read-only link, inviting a collaborator, team member… my fear is that each way is flawed for my use case.
-I don’t want the site transferred to me because I want to keep the site live as it is for now under my developer’s hosting.
-I don’t want read-only access because then I can’t save my progress.

  • I need access to the Designer, not just the Editor.
    -I’m not a team member, I’m a client- and, I don’t want to affect the live website.

The goal is to:

  1. Leave the published site as it is, live through my developer’s Webflow account. (I don’t want the site transferred, nor for the account site to go offline)
  2. Make various site design changes (with full Designer Controls in the Webflow Designer) on a “copy” site, on my own Webflow account AND with the ability to save my progress.

Is there a way to do this; copy a project from someone else into my account so that I can prototype site updates? If so, can I do this with the free workspace and site plans?