Client Billing Issues

Hello All,

So I am new to Webflow and attempting to create my own web design and copywrite business. I just designed my first site for a gentleman in Las Vegas, Nevada. I am currently in the process of getting him set up with a web hosting service. I told him about Webflow and he is ecstatic to try it, due to the monthly option of payment. My issue is when I attempt to send him the email where he can input his card information the only option Webflow is giving me is the CMS option at $20 per month instead of the basic $15 per month option. I attempted to email Webflow for support but have yet to hear anything. Can you only bill clients for the CMS service or am I missing something rather simple. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

You should be able to setup billing for a basic website, if your project is not utilising the CMS.

What is displayed on the Billing tab under the project’s setting page? I can see this for one of my basic sites (that hasn’t had client billing setup):

When I open up that page the basic web hosting option is unavailable, although there is no CMS built into the clients site. What do you advise?

Sounds like it may be a bug then. Since you’ve already emailed support I’d either wait for a reply, or attempt to use the support chat found on the billing page (by clicking the chat bubble in the lower right-hand corner):

Okay, I will log back in from that screen and use the chat bubble in the bottom right. Thank you for your help!