Client Billing?

I am developing a website for a client.
I pay monthly 16 Dollars on Hosting and 36 Dollars on my “Pro” program.
That’s a lot of money!
I can not figure out why the hell I’m trying to charge the customer for the $ 16 of her site alone and I can not seem to add another payment method! I don’t understand, do I have to pay it from my credit card? The customer billing system is not available in my country. So what am I supposed to do? Pay for all my clients from my credit card!? If I have 60 customers!? I am sorry but it’s really annoying and super pissing me off!

It would be better if you changed your business model
Than to do such a stupid thing.
You guys have a great system but I’m really considering switching back to Wordpress

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I think one good solution for you would to host on a V-Server by your own. There are a lot of hosting-services where you pay around $30/month and you’ll get enough space for a lot customers and the best: You can offer mail-service too for your customers.

I still don’t understand why Webflow is sooooo over-expensive for hosting in 2018(!!)

There’s nothing special with Webflow-hosting. It does not even exist mail hosting in this over priced hosting.

Trust me… CDN is not that important that some hosters want to tell you :wink:

I pay only the $16/month for the Lite plan and host on my own V-Server and it works very good.

Just to be sure everybody see the difference:

60 customers x $12/hosting = $720/month

V-Server = $30/month incl. mail-service. Charge your customer between $10/20 a month = $600/1200 a month -$30 = $570/1170 a month for you :wink:

This doesn’t work with CMS(!) But in most cases you can show your customer that CMS is not the best way in every case. Yes, sometimes it’s useful, but I’m sure 80% doesn’t need CMS.