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Clear all redirects

Hey community,

So I made another mistake while using Webflow and now I’m stuck with a url on my project that redirects to a non existent page.

A bit of story behind this - I did a v2 of a section on my website - I changed the name of the v1 page to ‘v1-old’ and used the redirect option to redirect every link to that, but that decision quickly gone into something that I didn’t wanted.

I used the backups but that didn’t help.
I cleared the redirects from project settings but that didn’t help.
I actually gone ahead and delete the v1 page entirely just to place the v2 under a new slug but that still didn’t helped as all the old links are still be redirected to ‘v1-old’ page - although it isn’t present in the redirect section of the project or the page exists anymore.

Is this a bug, should I report this to webflow team?

I’m currently stuck with my v2 page on a different URL, but I want get back to the v1 url - the problem is if I do that i’m going to get the non existent url redirected no matter what I do.

Thanks for any support!