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I have a redirect to a page that doesn't exist anymore and I'm not able to erase it!

Hi there!

I have a redirect to a web page that I’m not able to erase, it’s sending me to a page that doesn’t exist anymore! Already erased that redirect from settings, but still happening

The weird thing is that it only happens y the normal domain, in the dev link from webflow it’s okay.

These are the pages

  1. dev.
    Servicios - Buzz Media

  2. prod.
    Servicios - Buzz Media
    -which takes me here
    -which doesn’t exist anymore

Here is my preview link!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Buzz Media

(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hey there, not sure what being unable to erase it means but I’m guessing you are not sure where to do it, go into your project settings, click on hosting tab and scroll down to 301 redirects section, there you’ll be able to erase it. If you’ve already done that perhaps it might be cache that’s messing with you, try running it in incognito or deleting cache, lmk if it helps.

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Hey there!

Not sure if you have tried this yet, but make sure you publish your site after making any changes to the redirects.

Any changes made in the project settings will not go live until you publish. :+1:


Done! It was a cache issue!!

Thank you!!

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