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New page title and slug automatically redirected to 404 with old slug


I’ve run into a problem where an old slug keeps repopulating on active links with the page title and slug. I’ve built many sites and changed the page title and slug and never run into this problem.

The Annual Programs page settings are now this:

The link settings reset itself…

And when I publish and try to access that link the slug reverts back to the old slug and gives me a 404 error.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s my read-only link:

I just had this exact same thing happen to me about a week ago. Here’s what worked for me:

  1. Change the slug name back to what you want

  2. Do not check this box that comes up when you change a slug

  1. Go to your project settings > hosting tab, and scroll down to redirects, remove any redirects Webflow automatically created for you.

  2. Publish your site, clear your cache.

  3. Give your site some time. For me it was a half hour. Then check the URL you were having issues with. If it’s not correct, give it more time. It’s important to make sure you clear your cache every time you check the site to see if it’s correct.

This is what worked for me. No promises :slight_smile: But I was pulling my hair out, and was so happy when I finally got it working haha.


Thanks @myonke I think this worked! So odd, because I’ve changed page titles and slugs before and never had this issue!

Cool, I’m glad it worked! Yeah I think it’s a new thing Webflow is doing with those auto redirects. What’s your URL slug? I can check on my end to see if it’s working for me too.

If I solved your question, can you please mark a solution for the community? Thanks!

Here’s the slug:

Still not working on my original browser (with a clear cache) but it does work in a new browser.

Thanks so much for this…I had a similar problem (mine was stuck in a redirecting loop), I was pulling my hair out until I found your post.

Hey! do you know how to add slug from parent folder in CMS because cms page has not parent folder features like static page. can you help me? i want to make slug like:- xyz/abc/def/ghi