Link text in nav going to old (and deleted) page instead of new

I’m currently building my first Webflow site (go easy!) and come up against a problem with a page link.

The text link in the nav ‘About us’ is set to go to the ‘About us’ page.

The page settings has the url /about-us

Only when published, (it performs as it should in preview), the link goes to about-us-old which was an old version of a page that was deleted last week.

I can see that the link is initially pointed correctly in the bottom left corner of the browser window.

Screenshot 2022-07-01 at 12.02.21

But it still ends up looking for the /about-us-old page.

I’ve tried unpublishing and republishing the site. I’ve also tried removing the link text items from the nav and creating them fresh but the problem remains.

I’ve found another post from a few years ago from a user with a similar experience but the solution was that Webflow had fixed a bug and that it should be working fine.

Hope someone can help!

Read only link: URL Shortener

This has now been solved by support. Thanks.

For anyone experiencing similar, it was down to old 302 redirects being active in the hosting panel within the site settings.