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CHECKOUT : Place Order Button Missing

My “Place Order” button is completely missing from checkout.

Strangely enough, the only place I can seem to get it to appear on the live site is in Chrome Mobile. But on mobile for FireFox (Desktop & Mobile), Safari (Desktop & Mobile) & Chrome (Desktop) it’s completely gone.

I’m at a total loss. I’ve disconnected & reconnected Stripe payments, I’ve disabled and re-enabled checkout. The Button is in the designer. Any Ideas?

I seem to be having nothing but problems with my e-comm site since I’ve launched it.

Hmm, :thinking:, could this be to do with an ad blocker? I had a look at your site and could see the buttons on chrome desktop.

Hey @kiddfirm

The problem appears to be that the checkout button has been moved inside of the web payments block. The web payments block has a display:none setting when the browser doesn’t have payment method setup by the user on their system such as Apple Pay or Google Pay. Move the button back outside of the web payments block. Publish the site and that should solve the issue. Let me know if you need anything else. Hope that helps.

@matthewpmunger THANK YOU! I have no recollection of when that might’ve happened, but I am very grateful for the support & resolution!

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I know this is old post but I’v ran into the same problem with the “continue to checkout” button is not displaying on the published site. I tried moving the button outside of webpayments but still not seeing the button. Any other suggests? This all seems odd, it should just work when the cart has been enabled.

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@legacyoperators could you share your read-only link as well as your published website link? I can take a look. Don’t expect too much though, there are a couple other people with a similar issue and we haven’t quite gotten to the bottom of that one either (yet!) :joy:

Thanks, I found a workaround by putting the Palpal button there. Though I think this is NOT a great user flow to send the user to the palpal dialog from the cart preview window thingy before taking them to the checkout page.

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