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Checkout not showing in my cart

I created a store for a client and When I view the cart, I see the checkout buttons but when the site is live I cant view the checkout buttons. View screenshot!! Please HELP!

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Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Have you enabled checkout and checked store configuration?

Checkout is enabled. I’m able to view it inside of web flow but outside I cant see it. Does the site have to be published to the actual domain to be seen?

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Funny thing. I added stripe to the payment options and it came up.

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I’m having a problem with this as well. My client wants to use PayPal instead of Stripe.
PayPal is connected, but checkout not showing. :confused:

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For anyone else having problems, I contacted Webflow support on this issue and the Checkout button and “traditional” checkout process are tied to having an active Stripe integration.

If your client is only wanting to integrate with PayPal (which I would probably recommend against since the processing fee is similar—if not the same—and it’s always good to have options for customers that prefer not to use PayPal) you’ll need to include a PayPal element within your cart to allow them to finalize the checkout process.


Clicking this button will open a PayPal modal where they will log in and enter/choose their payment method and shipping address. Once they finish and confirm within that modal, they will be directed to your Checkout (PayPal) page to view their chosen payment details and confirm their order.

Hopefully that clarifies things a bit :v:


You are a LIFESAVER! I’ve been searching for this solutions since 2 days! Thanks so much :smiley:

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