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Payment Button Not Showing in the Shopping Cart

I had the website working perfectly and made a few weeks on the products and notice I lost the payment button. eCommerce is showing enabled in the general eCommerce settings panel but in the web payment panel it says its not enabled. Any ideas?


Welcome to the community @thefoodie!

Do you have Stripe connected within your account? I was having similar issues and even though I had connected PayPal I wasn’t able to use the other checkout methods since they require the “main” Stripe payment processor.

I dont have a stripe account, it was working fine before. At this point will try anything :slight_smile:

Stripe is free and allows for you to have a much more “traditional” checkout experience on the site, but it seems strange that it was working previously. It’s possible that before enabling the checkout these options are shown but after enabling it without also having Stripe connected they are showing as disabled—however I can’t speak for your exact situation.

I went into my ecommerce enabled project but I wasn’t able to see anywhere for these alternate methods to be independently disabled/enabled so I’d guess they’re somewhat tied to the payment provider.

Set up the Stripe Account and it seems to be working. Many thanks for your help. I shall sleep much better tonight!!

So glad I could help out! :webflow_heart:

I have the same issue. The stripe GPAY button shows on my mobile but not desktop computer in chrome… I’ve disconnected/reconnected and attempted to make it work to no success.

Is your Chrome browser linked to the same Google account as your phone?

I’d imagine that this is needed in order to see the Google Pay button on desktop but admittedly I don’t really use it too much (outside of NFC card readers in stores) but I rarely—if ever—see it online when checking out.

@mikeyevin 100% yes, I’ve even double checked the stored address’s etc. It’s very strange.

Even in microsoft edge nothing appears so I’m unsure what happens

Does it appear for you?

On my computer I’m not seeing it within the cart modal, but I do see the option on the actual checkout page:


On my phone I’m seeing it both in the cart modal and the checkout page (which seems a bit odd).

Yes it seems to all hve stopped working now … Paypal not really important but the stripe web payments… its not even working on mobile too and support have gone silent… @mikeyevin

Annoying as I have a demo tomorrow of just this…

Ah my apologies, I didn’t realize that was associated with PayPal. I am seeing the Google Pay checkout buttons on my phone though, so I’m wondering if I just need to enable the functionality on my browser.

Edit: Looks like you need to add the card manually to your browser for the button to show up, as I was getting the same issue on a recent ecommerce project as well.

Click on your icon in chrome, then the payment methods button (card icon between passwords and addresses below your shown email) and you’ll be able to add a card to pay with. As soon as I added my payment info there, I now see the Google Pay button in both locations on your site: