Changing custom domain effects blog and collection links?

I’m about to change my custom domain for one of my sites to (and setting it as the default domain), replacing, and I’m wondering if this will effect my blog posts/collections links and structure at all. I’m wondering because I noticed when creating a new collection, it says I cannot change the URL:


P.S. I’m building my blog on first because my original blog,, is already live on a different host and I’m switching it over to Webflow.

If both subdomain and domain is added to your site, and you set a primary domain, the URLs will automatically redirect.

I’m not creating a redirect, I’m just deleting the and adding Will that work?

No, don’t delete it. Add the subdomain to your hosting panel, but set the main domain as primary.

Oh okay, that makes since. And it won’t affect all my blog and collections links, right, @samliew

Yes, old URLs on your sub-domain will point to your main domain if it exists.

I’ve tested this out on my project:

This will redirect to my main domain with the correct page loaded.

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