Hosting plan only applies to 1 domain?


I want to get Webflow hosting for both and Do I have to get 2 separate hosting plans for this, or can I apply the hosting to both domains, as in 1 project?

This leads to my next question: does my subdomain (amazon.*) and my regular domain ( have to be in two separate projects, or can they be in the same project?

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To which server would I point my sub-domain? I’m not sure I understand… Could I point the sub-domain to Webflow’s servers?

You can create a sub-domain (or CNAME) in your domain’s registry.

  1. Point that CNAME to .
  2. Then go to your Webflow hosting settings page and add hosting to your site
  3. then add your subdomain ( to your custom domain name list
  4. then publish your site to it :slight_smile:

hope this helps

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Thanks @PixelGeek! That answered my question. :slight_smile:

However, I’m still wondering if I can host a AND on one Webflow hosting plan.

You can host a site on as many custom domains as you wish. You can publish to individual domains, but you can’t share custom domains across two different projects.

Ok, that makes since. Thanks @thesergie.

@thesergie, I just bought CMS hosting for one of my projects. I would like to have certain pages in that project only published to, and certain other pages to publish only to Is that possible?

I noticed that people keep saying, “you can publish as many custom domains to your site as you want,” but all that means is I can only have the same content and pages across multiple different domains/subdomains, correct?

Can I not host multiple domains under one hosting plan but have different pages for each domain? Many other hosting providers do this and it would seem that Webflow can’t do that.

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If you want to publish different content to different custom domains on the same site you’ll have to change up that content on the site, select the publish target, and then publish to that domain. Right now during publish you can’t select which pages get published to that domain. The assumption is that all the custom domains would redirect to the same home page.

If you want to have a micro site like why not build that onto a new page like and link people there? It’s also better for SEO.

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