Migrating to Webflow, SEO impact on keeping Wordpress hosted blog on new subdomain

Hi Webflow community,

My client currently has a Wordpress hosted site and we are working on a migration of the site to Webflow. The URL will remain the same. Due to Webflow’s limited rich-text capabilities, we were looking to keep the blog content hosted on Wordpress, moving the URL to a new subdomain.

The blog is currently hosted at website.com/blog and we’re looking to switch it to a subdomain, blog.website.com

If we create a 301 redirect for each blog article, are there any SEO implications? Would it be better to migrate all blog content over to Webflow and work within their rich-text limitations so all pages remain under one domain?


Google’s chief engineers have blogged that there are no direct penalties for redirects on SEO.

Also, my tests show that you can use wildcard redirects and external redirects together currently in Webflow, so you should be able to redirect with a single record, Something like;


But if you wanted to import your blog content to Webflow, and expand on richtext capabilities, have a look at Refokus text enhancer.

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