Redirecting blog post links to new URL structure


I’ve imported my old posts from wordpress into my blog posts collection without any difficulty. However, my old URL setup for posts was mainurl/post-title, without any sub-folders

Now, it seems I needs to include the collection URL, eg, mainurl/blog/post-title

I have over 200 posts, most of which cross reference other posts. How can I set up a redirect to do take care of this?

Thanks in advance!


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Thanks, but I’ve seen that page already and can’t figure it out.

I could set up a wildcard to redirect mainurl/post-title to mainurl/blog/post-title, but won’t that send every link to the blog folder? If i have a non-blog page, I don’t want that to redirect (I don’t want mainurl/about to go to mainurl/blog/about).

I guess I could export a list of post URLS and set up a redirect for each one individually… it might be faster!

Would it not be faster to redirect your top-level pages instead?

That said, worst case, 200 redirects wouldn’t actually take that long.

I’m not sure what you mean by redirecting the top level pages, but it’s ok, I’ll just set up a redirect for each post individually. It’s less elegant, but it only needs doing once!

Thanks for the help!