Can I move my blog to a subdomain?

Hi guys

We have a site on and the blog pages are currently, etc
We’ve connected to webflow - how can we remap our blog pages from to - so we end up with as the main blog page, for all posts, etc?

@ljby - You would have to use two hosted projects; one for the blog and the other for the existing site. Another workaround would be to use a reverse proxy but that comes with limitations and no support from Webflow.

Hi Lucas, Jeff nailed it, as always.

One thing I’ll point out is that your message isn’t clear as to whether is also a Webflow site, or something else. If you are relocating only the blog portion of a non-Webflow site to a Webflow-hosted site, you might be able to setup redirects on your main site for those pages.

It would depend on the platform / hosting infrastructure you’re using, but dig into that, see if you have access to .htaccess files or anything else where redirects can be defined.

Hey Michael,

Sorry for the confusion, is an existing webflow site, and the blog is part of it.
So could we move our existing blog pages and posts to the new project ?
Is there a guide somewhere showing how to do this?
Thanks for the helps o far guys :slight_smile:


You can export the posts as a CSV, recreate the collection with the matching fields, then import the CSV.

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OK, so if I create a new project:

  • How do I keep the same theme / template as the current site

  • How do I associate the subdomain with the new project?

If there’s a documentation rtfm page for this please feel free to point me there :slight_smile:

Can I just duplicate the existing site and delete all the non-blog pages?

Yes, if you want the same design otherwise. I’m not really certain how this arrangement is better than the single-site though, especially as it requires paying two hosting fees.

Note if your original site was based on a purchased template, you should probably purchase a second license since this is technically a separate project, even though this is somewhat ambiguous and may be subject to interpretation.

OK, our team just want the blog part of our site to sit on a subdomain.
So if I duplicate the site, delete the other pages except the blog, and then assign the subdomain to it in the Publishing settings, should that do the trick?


  • Add a CMS hosting plan to you new blog project
  • Modify your site structure ( you’ll need a homepage even if you don’t use it, this could be a blog directory page ).
  • Update all of your main nav links on your original site
  • Do redirects if you want to preserve SEO traffic

The only advantage I can think of to splitting the site and paying double-hosting is if you want to give admin access to the blog to external content editors, who you do not want to have access to the rest of your site content.

Or perhaps if you want you blog to be localized for multiple languages, but your main site is e-com and can’t be localized.

But you have the right approach path.

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