Can I host with Webflow AND a different Hosting Provider?

I wold like to use Webflow hosting on my blog: with Webflow, but still use with WordPress for membership capabilities. Is there a way for me to host both and simultaneously, partially with Webflow, and partially with my hosting service provider, or would they interfere with each other?

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To be more specific, I’m wondering if even though I have hosting and a domain from a different hosting provider (Namecheap), can I still use Webflow’s hosting by directing the DNS records to Webflow?

I read the Pointing your Namecheap domain at your Webflow site article about pointing Namecheap DNS records to my Webflow site, but does that mean then the site will be hosted with Webflow, or does that differ if I already have hosting with that domain from a different hosting provider?

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Why not? I have hosted by Webflow, and Wordpress blog hosted elsewhere.

You can copy these settings:

How to set up free SSL for subdomain hosted elsewhere:

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@samliew, does that mean I can hot a certain slug, such as on Webflow, and host and on WordPress?

Also, anything pointing to Webflow will inherit its hosting, correct? Like if I have pointing to Webflow, will I get Webflow’s fast CDN, hosting, etc.?

Not sure I understand the purpose of this…

Are you trying to use a domain hosted elsewhere

  • to ride off the Webflow CDN ?

the 3rd level domain that @samliew used is different.

He has “www” pointing to Webflow - whereas “blog” is elsewhere.

are not the same thing. They are 2 completely different webpages. pointing to Webflow will get the CDN

@Revolution, I just want to host my blog with Webflow’s hosting, whether its, or

Also, is it possible for me to point this to Webflow, so I can use Webflow’s hosting instead?:


There is no partial hosting.

With Webflow you can create projects and connect domains or sub-domains to them. Anything using Webflow hosting has to be a project in the Webflow Dashboard.

So you can keep pointed to your WordPress hosting and through your registrar point to a Webflow project.

hope that helps.

That does help, thanks @AlexN . I’m kind of new to DNS. Referring to the screenshot above, if I change the server IP address to Webflow’s, will it automatically switch my hosting to Webflow’s hosting? In other words, the IP address my domain points to, decides where it gets hosting from, correct?

I want to make sure of this because when I switch to Webflow’s hosting, I want to make sure the switch is as fast as possible so that my visitors won’t have any issues loading the page.

Sort of. Changing the IP address on your domain to Webflow will allow you to connect the domain to a project in your Webflow Dashboard. Once you pay for Webflow hosting and connect your domain to a Webflow project the content on the domain will be served from your Webflow project. It will stop getting any content from your WordPress install.

So to be clear you will need to have your blog re-built in Webflow before you make any domain changes.

@AlexN, thanks for the info. I understand now. Can I associate my domain with multiple Webflow projects, or just one?

You attache a domain to one project. You can attache different sub-domains to different projects.

If you had two projects one could have the domain pointed to it. Another project could have the sub-domain attached to it.

Okay, thanks. That really helps!

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