Changing CMS Published On Date?

I’m moving a bunch of blog posts over from WordPress to my brand-spankin’-new webflow-powered beauty of a blog and I’d like to change the post Published On date so they match the old posts (and so they’re not all listed as published on the same date). Is it possible to change that?


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Hello @Chris_Scott,
Yes, it is absolutely possible. All you need is add one more field to the blog-post item structure. Add field DATE and you can add any date of post there (past or future)



I think it would be hugely helpful if users can change the creation date. Because that’s where multiple sorting options come into play. If you’re bringing in dozens of posts from another platform, yes, you can make a custom date field, but it would be much better to be able to modify the actual creation date. Then entries can be sorted in a variety of ways by that date.

The way it is now, you can create a custom date field, but all the sorting is done by the actual creation, update, or publish date, which means if you bring in old posts out of order, they won’t appear to be sorted correctly if you aren’t careful about the order you bring them in.

Does that make sense?


yes, that does make sense. how about adding to the Wish list “custom date sorting in Dynamic Collection Manager”

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Done. Thanks!


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