Anyone know a way to post date blog posts

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I’m going to need to migrate a bunch of blog posts from a clients Wordpress site to the new one I’ve done in Webflow. I can’t find a way to post date blog articles. IE give them their original created date without having to create a custom field. I see there isn’t an option to map to the created field when importing via CSV either.

Any smart ideas?

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Seems like there is no other workaround: CSV import: no date mapping possible?

You are not even able to set those private fields via the API:

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The workaround would be to import into a custom date field. e.g.: (Wordpress Date)

Display this field’s value if not empty. If this field is empty, then “fallback” to the CMS item’s created date field.

Thanks @samliew. This must be a common problem migrating blogs. I’m sure the @webflow team could come up with a better solution.

Yeah not a good experience. After migrating multiple blogs to and from other platforms like Wordpress, HubSpot and .NET CMSs, I find this to be frustrating little quirk.

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Oh look over a year later and the issue IS STILL HERE.
Unless someone has come up with a workaround … i’d be very interested to here.
Surely with people coming over from Wordpress this would be an issue that Webflow addresses promptly.
Its all good to have fancy shapes and patterns with lottie but please fix this!!!

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I am also interested in knowing. I am looking at converting a WordPress site with multiple custom post types to Webflow. From looking at various posts, the best solution appears to be to create a custom field. Are there any other options?

No. The system created dates cannot be modified. “Field ‘created-on’: Field is not editable” etc…

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I figured this out using conditional visibility. (e.g. the webflow publishing date is only visible when the imported date is not set)

Hope this helps!

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Nearly 4 years later and the issue is still here.

I have set up a separate field called “Legacy Published On” and while I can conditionally display the correct field, I’m having trouble sorting the collection list as we didn’t chronologically publish new posts, and we didn’t publish all the legacy posts at the same time, so now everything is out of order.

Please could this be fixed.

Hi @webflow team. I just signed up for a CMS plan today and thought I’d attempt to migrate my WordPress website to Webflow. Apparently, there is no way to backdate the publishing date. Is that correct? I cannot migrate my website if the publishing date is locked on a value I cannot change. This is a huge oversight and the fact that this has been going on since 2018 does not fill me with much confidence. What is the plan here? Can I change the publish date of an article?