How to change date on CMS item

All the blog posts on the site have the same publication date. They don’t on the archive page, but when you click into each blog post, they all have the same date. How do I fix this?

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hi @awfout WF doesn’t preserve dates and date will be changed with each change in article. There is way around this to add custom date field and bind this date into your article. I had published video about how to on about 2 weeks ago on this post created by @Tyler1 but he didn’t marked it as solved yet so it may be not possible to find between solutions. issue is pointed somewhere in middle. Hope this will help.

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This is a really big problem @Stan

I am trying to migrate a website from WordPress to Webflow. I need to preserve the publish dates as this is part of the process. How can I do this? Any publishing dates that are added automatically will be misleading and they need to be removed from the metadata and display.

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Hi @Christian_Findlay I saw recently one request with same issue with staged posts. I do not know but it seem to me to be long time abandoned issue or most probably it is technically impossible for WF developers to solve it.

Like I have mentioned the easiest way is to create in CMS date field and when importing data from WP exported csv point published date to this filed. Once is in CMS you can populate it into DOM.

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I have this issue now.
Are there any updates on a solution to this issue?

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Well, I’ve reached the same issue as well. Is there any action has been taken by WF to address this yet?

It’s not a bug, those dates are for internal purposes only.
Add your own date field and populate that.

My solution was:
Click on the date than move your mouse to Settings on your right and click on hidden.
Screenshot 2024-02-11 at 17.18.17