Is it possible to edit the creation date in cms?

I would like to be able to change one of the date fields in CMS in order to back date a blog. Does an tone know if this is possible?

(Deleted Wrong Answer)

Im pretty sure you cant this is what it says in the designer:

Other fields like Date Created, Date Edited, and Date Published are automatically added and updated by Webflow. They can be referenced in the designer and when filtering or sorting dynamic lists.

It says automatically added and updated by Webflow so i dont think you can manually update it

I would suggest to create date field in the collection, in this way you will be able to put any date you want. But you have to remember, that there will be no automatic value anymore.


Good thinking Sabanna, I’ll try that.

I think it would be much more helpful to be able to change the actual creation date like you can with any other CMS. See my reasoning here: Changing CMS Published On Date?


How about creating a custom date field that you can change at anytime?