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Editing publish date for imported cms items

There is currently no way to edit the created/published date/time for items, for some reason. This is severly hindering me as I’m importing thousands of blog posts with creation dates in the past. I can of course make a date field and import the original dates there, but I don’t want to manually enter a date and time for every new blog post I make after that. Why can’t we just edit the field that’s already there? Am I missing something?

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On a similar note - letting us set a publish date in the future like this would automatically create a barebone scheduling system.

Could also really use this! We’re migrating our 5-year old website from Wordpress, including all old news items, and it would be really helpful to be able to map the old dates to the publication date field on Webflow!

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Got told by customer support to make another custom date field in the items before importing. That …kinda fixes it but not really.

Not sure why Webflow are dragging their feet on this. This should be a really easy fix.