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Categories template help

Hi –

This is my first time using CMS and creating an e-commerce page. I feel like I am not understanding a very simple CMS concept. A product template and a categories template page have been auto-generated for me. I have a Navigation tab bar at the top of my pages that has a “SHOP” button. I want that page to be my Categories Templates page. I do not understand how to link that page to my Shop button. When I add the link “RedDevilLacrosse” to my shop button the button disappears after I first click. I tried to add a link option in the database, but not sure how to access it or what I am supposed to be accessing. Am I thinking about this all wrong? How do I set this up?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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Hey there @Deanna_Scinta_Lape !

There are 2 things that hides your Vlog and Shop items in the menu

The first one is actually on the 1280px breakpoint, where there is a display:none applied to the classes .button.shopreg and .button.vlogreg.
And there is another line which hides them as well. Can’t really see what causes it… maybe you can try re-applying the Display block property (for some reasons,sometimes, I find that I have to do that so it updates the property)

Also, like you did for the footer, you should turn your header menu in a component so it’s more managable :smiley:

Let me know how it goes !

HI Jean-Philippe

Thank you for the response. I removed the Vlog button as I no longer need it. And made sure the shop was visible along with converting my nav bar into a component (yes, much easier to manage).

However, I am still having trouble with my shop button and setting the proper link. I am confused if I am linking to the SHOP page (normal page I created) or if I link the Shop button to the Categories Template page?? If Categories template, I do not understand how to do that. If “shop” page, do I re-create the content that is on the Categories template page in my shop page??? I don’t understand how to access the Categories template page?

Any insights would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks -


I used a collection list to link the Categories template to the shop button. However, it defaults to my youth category and when I click on other category links my “shop” button is no longer current. So, I have some things confused. I will review tutorials again…as always any insights are appreciated.

getting closer…

I am not sure how to set the All Products link as default and keep the shop tab current while on that page. Any help would be appreciated. thanks!

Hello @Deanna_Scinta_Lape, so sorry I missed the notification for your messages :frowning:
I hope that you found a solution to the issue…

hi -

Yes, I had to re-arrange the order that I entered of my categories to get it to default to the ALL Categories page.

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