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Ecommerce Pages

Hi there,

I am building my first e-commerce site and am unsure, I have created a categories template and a products template, do I then create pages from those templates so that I can link to them (ie from the Shop navigation item in the menu?). If so, how do you create a page from a template or am I on totally the wrong track?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Helen Thorp Art

Not quite…a template page automatically creates the pages for content from the CMS (including Products and Categories) collections. There is 1 template page that corresponds to its CMS collection.

Hi there, many thanks for your response. So if it automatically creates the pages, where are those pages or do I need to set them up? So if you look at my read only link, I want to link the navigation item Shop to the categories template (or page), do you know how I do this?

You choose any page to view in the designer.

In terms of navigation ‘shop’ would need to be a page with a collection list so you can link to the products or you would need to create a drop down menu which would have a link for each category (from your categories template).