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E-Commerce Categories - Category VS Categories

Hello All ,

In my product template page, I want to display all the categories that a product belongs to. Each product could be part of multiple categories example: product-A could be listed under the following categories: new-arrival, hair-wigs. In the Element Settings (D), I only have access to the category information not the Categories

Here is my public share link:
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Hey Assim, think there are a few ways to achieve this - unfortunately the link you’ve shared is the link to your live site, not the Webflow area to be able to help.

Check out if okay and enable the share read-only link.


Hello there
here is the link

Sorry for the quick reply - not sure if this helps (or is correct) but you could use the eCommerce/Product ‘categories’ as a more overarching/broader category.

Then using the normal CMS Collections you could setup ‘Shop Categories’ - which is where you’d input the ones you currently have.

Then, you could link the new ‘Shop Categories’ in the settings of the ‘Products’ under the eCommerce as a ‘multi-reference’ field, which would enable you to select multiple for each product.

You could then create the specific page (or use tabs) to sort your products by each of the new ‘Shop Categories’ and use the CMS Collections Pages to achieve this.

(i.e new ‘Shop Categories’ would appear down here and create specific link).

Hopefully makes sense.


Well My question to you, why is that I can’t access categories from my product template page ?

Hi Assim,

Think I understand, you can but perhaps what you need to do is nested CMS items. Instead of dropping in a text block or similar on your Product Template Page, drop in a “Collection List”. From here, you can select Product Fields > Categories.

This will then display the respective categories you’ve assigned to each product. You can drop a text block (or icon etc.) into each of these like a normal CMS item and then tell the CMS to use the name (etc.) as the field.

thanks @domin8tor. this is exactly what I was looking for

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