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PLEASE HELP :) Ecommerce categories template

Hi All,

I have fully designed a screen printing site, and then the client wanted to add ecommerce to it for one t shirt. I have created a rough draft of the product template including the size variations and the ADD TO CART button but don’t know how to get it to show up in the products tab. I created a dummy product there in case i have to just add an outside link to a shopify store if i can’t figure this out.

I have also created a tab in the nav bar that reads PRODUCTS but can not for the life of me figure out how to connect the PRODUCT TEMPLATE to the tab that reads PRODUCTS. Can someone please help?

I’ve spent 20 hours researching and cannot find a single video that address this problem for ecommerce. I’ve gotten so far to be defeated by something so simple that I must be missing. Thank you very much!

I’m a bit confused to understand what you want to achieve. Your menu has “PRODUCTS” this means a list of items. So a click on “PRODUCTS” button should reveal a list of items from CMS collection. So in “Conference Tees Template” place collection with tees. Add a title and whatever you need to show. This was the first step. For redirecting to product Card just create link condition that product is a current product. Hope that logic will help

Thank you. I will try this tonight. Do I need to do anything with the ecommerce section that reads “categories template”?

As the name of this page says you can use each template to globally set how this page(in this case “Products Page” will look like. It’s up to you if you use this template or not. But I think that PT page should be used how single product will look like. As I don’t know the structure of your website and what you would like to show and how I can’t help with that. It’s totally up to you. :wink: