Can't Find "Sort Order" + Button

I’m feeling quite dumb right now, but I can’t seem to find the “sort order” option anywhere in my collection / element list.

I’ve read this ^^ extensively, but don’t see it in my sidebar anywhere.

Am I missing something?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hey @mrimpossible, can you share a screenshot of your editor/sidebar.

Also note that you may need to be in a collection/CMS page to see this:

I.e. click “Pages” > scroll down to the bottom > one of the ‘purple’ pages that are CMS relevant - as opposed to just a normal page.

Hopefully the above helps.

Oh - that might be it.

Can I “convert” a normal page to a CMS page? Or no?

What’s the use case for different ones?

I’m using this template -

Hey @mrimpossible,

Ah, bit of a curve ball to answer.

The ‘CMS page’ is created/derived from a collection you create, so, ‘converting’ a normal page to a CMS one isn’t really a good case.

Maybe let us know what you’re trying to achieve and I or someone can suggest the setup of static/CMS collection that will help achieve it?


I have a template of a normal page auto-created by the theme.

I would like to just re-use the whole thing, but let the layout be CMS based instead of static.

Before as well sorry I was off the mark - you can have the ‘sort order’ on a non-collection page but it has to be a collection dropped in, my mistake.

If you can share your read only link (, I can’t seem to click the one above) - and say which page and area you’d want the sort order to be, can have a look.

This is the read-only:

This is the Stretches static one.

Stretches in the CMS

I think I understand!

I’m guessing what you’re after is the ‘stretches’ on the static page to be able to be sorted?

If so, you’ve setup the collection of streches which is great - but need to use a “collection list” on your static page to ‘link’ to this collection.


Upon dropping this in, click the drop down and link it to your ‘stretches’ collection, then style it as you like. Once done you can sort these, on the static page, by clicking on the wider collection (not an individual item) and following the tutorial to sort however you like.

Hopefully answers what you were after?


Yes - I think i’ve done it.

My main question is - is there a benefit to doing it like this?

What would be the different use cases of doing a static page w/ a dynamic piece of content vs. a CMS page

Great to hear.

Definitely a benefit in using the collections/CMS.

If nothing else the ability to sort, order and more easily add and edit collection items is huge, rather than having to copy/paste each individual items.

If you change styling on one collection item on that page, it is replicated over them all - again instead of having to change each individual static item. Saves (a lot of!) time and is really efficient to use the CMS and collections.

I meant what’s the main benefit between doing a “static page with a CMS / collection element” and styling a “CMS” page.

I guess the “CMS” page is intended to reference that specific CMS item or to be a template, as the name says.

I.e. your “Stretches CMS page” (not the static one) has the option to cycle through (up the top) each collection item (i.e. hip, glute, hamstring). This page should ideally be the information for each of these stretches/collections - not the collection overall (this is what the static page is for).

In short, the “CMS page” should be for the individual items in a collection, where as the static page is the overview - the place to show all of them.

Ah - so I’m using it correctly then.