Can you Reorder CMS?

Is there a way to reorder CMS content?

I know you can reorder the CMS Collection with drag and drop, but what about the items within the collection?

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Hey Doug,

You can sort your items by a few variables. Most commonly you can sort by publish date, creation date etc.

I often add a rank field to CMS collections if the collection needs precise control over ordering. You can then sort by ‘Rank Field’ Smallest to largest etc.

Hope that helps, you can find these settings on the right side under the collection list settings

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Thank you for the helpful tips. I could not see Rank Field in the sections. Do you have a screen shot of this?

Thomas means that he adds a field that will include item’s “rank”, as in 1, 2, etc. This way you can then sort elements exactly the way you want using this rank field for sorting.

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