Can't figure out simple domain settings. help!

So I need to do the most basic thing. Point my domain that’s on to my new Webflow site. Unfortunately for me, Webflow’s instructions make no sense to me. Since all the tutorials are for Google Domains, 100% useless as their fields don’t line up with’s. I don’t know if I should be reaching out here or to, asking them to make sense of Webflow’s request. How do I know what conflicting A name records need to be removed? When I go to change the C Name records, I get a warning from not to do that. That it will screw things up. Plus I have like 5 C records for different things. I can’t just go deleting them. Maybe this is a question for I must say, I regret using Webflow guys. It’s not intuitive at all. I figured out the no-code platform Bubble in a few weeks, not this platform. Oh well, I might not get many replies to this post. If anyone actually has a domain on that they’ve got to work with a Webflow page, any help would be great. I’ll send an email into Webflow and see if they have any suggestions. Thanks.

Hey @visionguild

You cnan check this out Integration | Webflow University it might help

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