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Can't edit Navbar


I managed to make my first webflow website so far, but i’m stuck at editing my navbar. When i double click it, it expands, but then no element from its lightbox appears to be editable. What am I missing?

project: Webflow - Sorina's Fantabulous Project


Hey again
You nav works fine, just the link is on the text only (“Nav Link” element in the navigator) and I guess you’d like it on the entire row (so the “Menu Link” element in the navigator).
A link can’t be within another link, so you’ll need to replace the first one with a text element, and then convert the “Menu Link” element to a Link Block (right click on it).
Hope that works

Hi @Pasint,

Thank you for replying! Unfortunately i’m still lost at this, i cannot get to any window that allows me to change anything from nav menu…do you have any other idea or does it look like a bug?

Thank you!

I think I actually misread your original message, but now I’m a bit confused and I’m not sure what you mean… Is it opening the menu you’re struggling with ? As below ? (clicking on the top right cog for settings and then “open menu” in the “menu setting” section)

If it’s not that, please let me know, I really don’t see any issue here…

Wow, thank you so much!! i looked on all style settings of all items in the navbar, but not in its main functional settings. I guess that’s what you get when you learn webflow on the go, without taking all university courses :smiley:

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