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Can't Open Mobile Menu to Edit It But Works in Preview Mode Still

Can you please help.
Like I wrote in the title, when I click on the Open menu button in the Navbar settings, the menu doesn’t open, so I cannot edit it. But in preview mode menu works fine when I click on it.
(and I know that I have to double click the symbol in order to be able to edit it)

What could cause this? It could maybe be something with how I made the symbol for the navigation menu?

Here is the link:

I know this is weird but, right click on the symbol (not double click), then select “Unlink From Symbol” and now you will be able to open the menu up to edit it. Then when you are done you can create the symbol again. :slight_smile:



Wow, that’s crazy :smile: It worked!
Thanks so much Noah! :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear that! You bet!

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Have experienced this and whilst I can see the workaround suggested above, it’s not really acceptable having to recreate new symbols. This is a definite bug in Webflow and should be investigated further.