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Navigator doesn't show up in Designer


I got problems with my nav-menu. I can’t show it in the designer. But on the live-site I can open it.

Can anybody help?

Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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its probably just odd behaviour of Webflow designer. When you will click on any section in navigator as switch back to preview all works as expected. At least this work for me.

I’m sorry, I think I got it wrong. I mean the nav menu (on the image)

Hi, @JulsGra When I opened your link and went to preview mode navigation didn’t showed.
I switched preview off clicked on any element in webflow navigator (left column with you structure) . when I switched back to preview mode menu showed as expected.

Is this your issue?

Hey @Stan, thank you for your help. The issue (what you describe) is not on the live-site ( My issue is that I can’t change my Menu (About, Menu, Bar, Reservations) because it is not fully visible in the designer. And I can’t open it via the settings


(I want to see my menu ( ) in the designer)

oh, got it. When I was checking you styles I saw that you have on one element setup opacity to 0. let me check it if this what you looking for

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Ohhh @Stan thank you so much. This was a bad mistake. This topic is finished.

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