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Trying to edit the main menu

Hi everyone! I really need help. I bought a template and bam trying to modify it. I want to change the links and other stuff in the main menu. See example here:

Problem is i can’t find where to expand this menu in webflow, can’t really reach it anywhere :slight_smile: Its probably something very easy.

Hey @webbor,

Can you please provide a share link so someone can take a look ?

Also describe what you want to change in the detail so the next answer can be complete and faster for you.

Hi again. Here is the share link:

I want to remove some links in the menu and rename all link that are left:) Also change background image in the menu.

Hi webbor!

From the looks of it, template author made Navigation Div as a symbol. ( meaning editing symbol element will affect all other symbol instances ) - So to answer your question, hover over the green outlined div called “Navbar” - double click it, select the “Menu button” - go to settings - click open menu - and edit as normal elements.

Hope this helps.

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To open the navbar on the editor do this

You can change the links by clinking on the menu item concerned and doing this

If you want to rename a menu item, double click on it and rename it.

If you want to create a new menu item, click on Nav Link and copy/paste, then change url redirection and name.


To change background image select Nav Menu

And click on Image and Gradient, Background image, replace

Notice that the old image was 727X1333px
Hope this helps,

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So much thanks for this help!

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