Navbar doesn't really close.. layer on top of page!

hey guys!
this is a site i am working on for a client. i am sorry, but he does not allow me to publish a read only link. but i think you guys can also help me with the web inspector built into safari, chrome or whatever browser you use.

on the top right of the page is a menu button i realised with the navbar feature of webflow. but i am experiencing a problem. after you click the menu button (the nav opens) and click it again (the nav closes) you can not click any button link on the page anymore. the class *w-nav-overlay seems to stay on top of the page after closing. i dont really know what causes this problem. maybe the class doesn’t hide correctly or maybe there is a bad z-index. …

do you understand what i mean? i hope someone can help!
thank you guys!
much love,

The class *w-nav-overlay must have a parametr “display: none” after closing. But your class has “display: block” and overlaps content.

Hey @buntestrahlen,

Can you please provide us a read-only link so we can help you here is how: How to Enable a Webflow Share Link. :smile:


hey eka!
why is that so? i really don’t know as the class w-nav-overlay is being generated by webflow in the background and i don’t have access to it in the designer.


thank you, but as i said, this is not possible.

Ohh sorry i skipped over that well any chance you can duplicate the website delete all the content but keep the layout so i can help you?

I can’t say the reason without a read only link…

i found the problem! It seems to be a webflow bug. @thesergie would you please move that to the bug forum section?

if you choose the navigation duration to be 0ms, the w-nav-overlay class stays on top of the page even after you close the navigation. when you use 1ms there is no such problem.

please fix this!

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