Cannot see my website at all on google


I recently finished my website and published it (, I’ve set up a couple SEO pages (my home page and projects page) but I can not see my site in Google. It simply does not show up, I’ve tried putting the exact wording that I used for the SEO pages and still nothing. I don’t understand why I can’t see it at all.

Hi Victoria, have you setup Google Search Console?
Setting that up properly and registering your sitemap.xml there would be a first step.

Then it’s pretty much a waiting game while you promote your site through social media, other blogs, directory sites etc. to make it even more visible and relevant to the googlebots.

Hi Michael, I have set up the Google Search Console but I am not sure if I had registered the sitemap.xml is there a way to check?
Do I need to have the indexing enabled or disabled, does that make any difference?

Google Search console will show you if you’ve registered any sitemaps, and their current status for crawling. Just visit that sitemaps page in GSC.

I’m not sure what this refers to. If you’re talking about this Webflow setting;

Then for a production site with a custom domain, you want that On ( which disables indexing of your staging site ).