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Can this site be made with Webflow?

Awesome Denso Brand site
I came across this website and the amount awesomeness from it is groundbreaking. I’m just wondering, how would fellow Webflow experts here go about recreating this in Webflow using interactions and would it even be possible? Without resorting to custom code?

Most of the site’s layout can be done, but what about the scroll behaviour and transitions? How would one go about achieving that without custom code?

Yes this would be doable with interactions and no custom code. :sweat_smile:

I’d say just a little custom code for the event that’s switching from a section to the other, to have a full, snappy effect, wether you scroll 3px or 300, and prevent jumping 4 sections ahead.

I’d do this by having a structure underneath based on fullpage.js, and using the fullpage sections as triggers for what’s happening above.


I thought so too, probably would still have to rely on fullPageJS to achieve the snappy effect without causing issues. But was wondering whether there was a way to completely build this entirely without custom code.

Good to know anyhow, thanks @vincent!

@vincent Could something be done with position sticky in conjunction with a transition? Only one way to find out I guess