Advanced animations

Hi guys,

I was wondering whether it’s possible, in terms of pulling off such advanced animations in the website i linked above, to achieve something like this with Webflow.
And how complex would it be?

Thanks in advance!

This is a killer site! As far as everything after that loading screen it would be pretty straight forward. There are some smooth hover and click animations and they are using snap scrolling as well which is all easily achievable in Webflow! As for the loading animation that will be a bit of custom code but still possible!

Indeed, I know my way around pulling off pretty much everything shown in that website except that smooth scrolling effect which got me confused as to how they managed to do it :stuck_out_tongue:

Fullpage.js is a really easy way to create snap scrolling on Webflow. The directions are pretty straightforward and the animations for the on click event you assign to the bars on the side would also be given to an on scroll event for the entire section. I hope that makes sense haha :grimacing:

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You my friend are a legend.

Haha thank you! Glad I could help :grin: