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Do you think this can be achieved in webflow?

Thanks to @PixelGeek and his great webflow workshops I have started searching for cool designs to play around with. Since I am looking at doing artist/ film / performer pages this film page really caught my eye Can some of this be achieved in webflow specifically the pictures on scroll that complete on the locations page?

Yes. This is possible. But I just a word of caution when it comes to sites like these. Try not to focus on animations and interactions more than the content and goal of the website.

I noticed that whenever I clicked on something on the site, I had to wait more than 10 seconds for it to load. Thats 7 seconds longer than an average person will wait.

This page loads much faster and gets the user the exact info they need to know if they are on the fence about the movie:

“simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” - Leonardo da Vinci

But back to your original question. Yes. All of those interactions are possible.

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yeah it definitely has a lot of interactions, so to do the picture effect how would you do that. Not looking to mix a bunch of interactions together just to learn some of the advanced things webflow can do and how to do them. Much like your webflow workshops esp the last one I watched today digital surgeons. And point noted about the Deadpool website it is very simple and effective.

I’ve been playing catch up with the workshops since I’ve discovered them. Thanks for doing them. I learn a bunch by following along and also trying to come up with the solutions before I watch them.

i’ve been playing around with this for a few days.

the effect I am trying to create is the picture sliding up over other picture on scroll. But limited by the scroll. I f I scroll down part way it only covers part way. Then have the other picture come down. on scroll the same way. Like this page. The right side seems to be very simple with half the images stacked on each other.

@cyberdave or @vincent any ideas. Or is it only achievable with javascript?

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