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A beautiful site like this can be easily made in Webflow

just stare at it. At first it looks complicated, but after 5 mins, you’ll realize, its actually quite simple.


Those page transitions are really, really nice.

Is it possible to replicate those in webflow?

Very nice website! I really enjoy the colours and the layout! x)

It really is quite a pretty site. Similar to what I’m doing for my folio (sneaky plug)

would b great if someone put up a tutorial on how to do the navbar animation as the user scrolls down the page.

Here’s a video tutorial on that:

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am i right in saying their are two nav bars in the above example site? One that is hidden and only comes into view when the user scrolls past a certain point, and a fixed nav bar that always sits at the top of the hero section??

That’s correct. You can have them be a symbol so updating changes both at the same time. The fixed one you would have to wrap in a div and give it a position of Fixed.

How did you get all the animation in the background?

Is it possible to recreate the effect/transition of the pages sliding RTL or LTR by using either the buttons or right/left arrow keys to switch between pages?

Hi Guys,

It’s a nice site, for sure. However, I’m wondering if there’s a possibility to make the first screen fullsize and that nice responsive with Webflow without using custom code. They’ve nicely used a background video, but can we make it with WF like that easily out-of-the-box?