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Seamless Page Transitions - Possible In Webflow?


Wondering if the page transitions found in the above link are possible in Webflow. More specifically, I’ve seen a number of websites be able to transition between pages seamlessly (with animated transitions that have zero interruption when loading). I really love how each project opens in this example, and it directs to an actual new page without flashing to a white screen while loading.

I’ve been able to accomplish this effect on one-page sites, like my portfolio page below, but am unsure how to make this happen while putting things on separate pages. Any suggestions?

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You could fade out to black then fade in from black o the other page, using JS for a delay after the first click… but this would not be the complete transition that the site you’re linking is showcasing.

To do so it uses DOM rewriting and due to how Webflow works, this is not possible even with custome code, sorry.

@vincent Thanks for the response!

Just out of curiosity, I stumbled upon this plugin. Haven’t had a chance to try it out yet. Do you think this would play well with Webflow?

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I have no idea.

It plays well as long as you don’t have any interactions going on. It blocks out the use of other javascript. I was so excited to use it, too.

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