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Possible to create this scrolling behavior in Webflow?

I would love to apply this js scroll in web flow. Is there any way?


Hi @clarion, thanks for your question!

You can try to do this via Custom Code, but it’s not something that we support out of the box.

As a side not, this technique is (lovingly) referred to as “scrolljacking”, and honestly seems to be a fad. It is usually not a great experience for users because it breaks the native behavior of a scrollbar, so we’re not big fans of this approach to navigation :-\

Thanks @callmevlad.

I would agree normally on the scrolljacking. I actually have a use case/UX that it makes perfect sense for (for the first time in my career).

I am just trying to figure out how to do it in web flow without weird interactions and with limited access to the classes…

This seems to be the closest starting point that might work.

Got it figured out…I will post back the result later so that I don’t lose any street cred as a UX practitioner when I actually used scrolljacking on purpose.


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Please do @clarion i would most like to learn how to do this also!

Don’t leave us hangin! how’d you do it and why?

@DanPollock my apologies for the delay. I will post it as soon as I get the project live (currently under development).

Hint though: the FullPage.js i posted above was what I used to get it done.


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another option to consider

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I prefer @Amreet_Gill 's solution.

I like having the “pages” listed at the top
is easier to see

its possible , only the first div (100%) with this effect?
and the website scroll normally without this effect?

It will be nice to see how u doing this Clarion!!!