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Can not create team plan private sites from team page

I have free account (e.g. ””) that is member of an basic organization / team plan (”my company”):

When I press ”Create New Site” from my organization / team tab at, displays that I am limited to 1 Private site (because I have a free plan as a personal account and I already have created 1 private site in my free plan).

When I upgraded to a basic team plan (and became member as I created the team organization as an upgrade from my free personal account) I thought 100 projects / private sites was included?

Do I need to upgrade my personal account as well?

Yes the Team Plan is an add-on to your personal plan. So you actually have 100 sites to create in the Team Plan, but for personal sites, you’re still limited by your personal plan. If you want more private sites, you need at least a Personal Plan for yourself.

I reckon it can be confusing how the plan page presents them, but it makes sense if you think about it. Consider the team plan as a totally different account that needs to have a personal account for admin.

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Thank you Vincent! Yes it is a bit confusing how it is presented. I was sure I got all the features from the Professional plan but with the team plan features in addition.

If I upgrade to personal is there any other restrictions from my personal account that also applies to the sites I create from the team / organization tab, like if I have a personal plan will I not be able to use unbranded form notification emails etc (“unbranded form notification emails” are included in advanced features that is included in the Professional but not the Personal plan)?

Correct, you won’t get access to those features in your personal plan. The Advanced features are only available to Pro plan and Team plan.

We may find hat complicated at first but think about how Team plans are really for teams, companies. They need to be apart because sooner or later you’ll need to transfer them… so it would be a total headache if you had to transfer a Team plan to another admin, while keeping the features of the team plan for your personal websites.

What you could maybe ask in a whishlist post is to have the ability to create private sites within the team plan, sites that collaborator can’t see. Would be useuful in many ways: to prepare something, or to hide non relevant sites that you don’t want collaborators to work on. I happened to me once that I worked for hours on the wrong version of the site for a client… and had to redo everything on the right site.

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